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Equipments Fruit & Vegetable Equipment Airport Equipment Port Equipment Oil Equipment Slaughtering Equipment T-shirt Printing Machine radiator Heat Element SS Heat Exchanger MS Heat Exchanger Fin Tube Heat Exchanger Cooling Tower Fill Freon Chilling Plant Cold Chain Equipment Pharmaceutical Equipment Gas Detection Equipment Aquaculture Equipment Audio & Video Equipment Air Cleaning Equipment Butterfly Valves Testing & Measuring Equipment Laboratory Equipment Laboratory Machinery Temperature Instruments Shipping Terminals Weighing Equipment Scanner Lab Equipment Steel Processing Equipment Melting Equipment Casting Equipment Kitchen Equipments Commercial Kitchen Equipments Stainless Steel Planter Stainless Steel Fabrications Defence Equipment Air Gun Air Pistol Aging Oven Autoclaves B.O.D.Incubato B.O.D.Incubator Bacterilogical Incubator Bomb Calorimeter Constant Temprature Bath Flask Shaker Heating Mantle and Soxhlet Hot Air Oven (Labortary Use) Hot Plate (Round and Rectangular) Humidity Chamber Infra-Red Moisture Balance Lab. and Industrial Muffle Furnace Magnetic Stirrer Melting Point Apparatus Oil Refractometer P.H.Meter Paraffin Wax Dispenser Photo Electric Calorimeter Pipette Washer Pocket Refractometer Polarimeter Soil Probe Tray Drier-Industrial Water Bath Water Bath Shaker Water Still (Manesty or Baranstead) Carbon and Sulphur Determination Appts Muffle Furnances Standard Samples Glass Parts Boats and Tubes Heating Elements Spare Electro-Chemical Analyser Ovens Platinum Wires Hot Plates Single Pan Balance Weight Boxes Abrasive Cut off Wheel Machine Specimens Mounting Press and Leveller Belt Grinder Disc Polisher Polishing Cloth Alumina Powder Belts Monocular Microscopes Binocular Microscopes Stereo Microscopes Hardness Tester Universal Testing Machine Temperature indicating Pyrometer Temperature Controller and Recorder Dip Type Pyrometers Thermocouples Optical Pyrometer Aggregate Crushing Value Apparatus Aggregate Impact Tester Cylindrical Measures Density Basket Deval Attrition Teste Dorry Abrasion Testing Machine Length Gauge Los Angles Abrasion Testing Machine Air Entertainment Meter Air Permeability Apparatus (Rigden Type) Capping Set Cement Sampler Compaction Factor Apparatus Compressiom Testing Machine Concrete Test Hammer Demountable Mechanical Strain Gauge Flexure Testing Machine Flow Table Gillmore Needle Apparatus Hydraulic Jack Jolting Apparatus Kelley Ball Penetration Apparatus Laboratory Cement Autoclave Laboratory Concrete Mixer Laboratory Jaw Crusher Lateral Extensometer Le Chatelier Flask Length Comparator Longitudinal Compressometer Asphalt & Concrete Floor Saw Benkelman Beam Centrifuge Extractors Core Cutting / Core Drilling Machine (Motorised) Ductility Testing Apparatus Metal Measures Pendulum Impact Tester Pug Mill For Grinding Lime Mortar Riffle Sample Divider Specific Gravity And Water Absorption Of Aggregates Spring Testing Machine Tensile Testing Machines Thickness Gauge Torsion Testing Machine Brazilian Test Apparatus California Bearing Ratio Test Compaction Compression Proving Rings Cone Penetrometer Consolidation Apparatus Constant Pressure System Constant Volume Mould Core Cutter Dames And Moore Sampler Dead Weight Type Oil Water Constant Pressure System Direct Shear Apparatus Extractor Frame Hydraulic Extractor Frame Universal (Hand Operated) Grain Size Analysis (Pipette Method) Harvard Miniature Compactor High Speed Stirrer In Situ Vane Shear Test Iowa Bearing Value Apparatus Lateral Pressure Assembly Liquid Limit Device Load Frames Load Truss Marsh Cone Miniature Compaction Apparatus (Abbott Type) Miniature Field Permeameter Moisture Tins Mud Balance North Dakota Cone Permeability Apparatus Piston Sampler Plastic Limit Set Plate Bearing Test Pocket Penetrometer Point Load Index Tester Pore Pressure Apparatus Portable Aluminium Derrick Proctor Needles Pycnometers Bottles Rapid Moisture Meter Relative Density ampling Augers Sampling Outfit Sampling Tubes Sand Pouring Cylinder Shrinkage Limit Set Sieve Shakers Sieves Soil Hydrometer Soil Lathe (Motorised) Bench Mounting Soil Testing Kits Soil Trimmer Split Spoon Sampler Static Cone Penetrometer Swell Testing Apparatus Triaxial Cell Tripod Tripod Pulley Unconfined Compression Test Apparatus Universal Automatic Compactor Vane Shear Apparatus Vicksberg Renetrometer Volume Change Gauge Antibiotic zone reader Autoclave BOD Incubator Bulk Density test apparatus Coating Pan Flame Photometer Infrared Moisture Balance Karl Fischer Titrimeter Laminar Air flow MULTIMILL Polarimeter with Sodium Vapour lamp Refractometers (Hand / Abbe / Butayro) Spectrophotometer Stainless steel scoop Tablet Disintegration Test Apparatus Tablet Dissoluation Rate Test Apparatus Tablet Friability Test Apparatus Tablet Hardness tester (Pfizer type ,Monsantoo type) Thin Layer Chromatography Vacuum Oven Vacuum Oven with Pump Abel's Flash point Apparatus Cleaveland Flash & Fire Point Apparatus Cloud & Pour point Apparatus Glass Viscometer Kinematic Viscocity Bath Penetrometer Pensky Marten Flash Point Apparatus Red Wood Viscometer Clinical Centrifuge Colony Counter Hot Plate Incinerator Electirc / Oil Fired Laboratory Incubator Laboratory Oven Laminar Flow Bench Microscope Microtome Shaker Kahn & Rotary Slide Cabinet Tele Thermometer VDRL Shaker Water Bath Incubator Shaker Water Still Cooling & Heat Transfer Equipment Heating Equipments